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I'm Kevin deLaplante, and I help people and businesses improve their critical thinking, communication and persuasion skills.

The Argument Ninja Dojo membership program, available on this site, has over 25 hours worth of video tutorial content available for members.

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Kevin is one of the most humble, open-minded, high-caliber scholars out there. He doesn’t tell you what to think, but instead shows you how to think for yourself in more advanced ways. His content provides tremendous value, and one always comes away with a significantly more sophisticated view and approach to the world. 
CoLee Wilkinson
I tell everyone that critical thinking skills have been around for 2500 years, but for some reason it's never made it all the way down into the general population. Kevin's work is the bridge between the rigor of academia and the daily needs of us people out here who want to tame the complexity of the world we live in. We need this.
Mark Halvorson
The way that Kevin delivers the material is digestible, interesting, thought provoking and thorough. He manages to fit so much thoughtful material into a mere 6 minutes, in such an effortless and comprehensive way. The curriculum is great for a beginner like me, because he breaks it down into manageable bite size pieces, in a way that honours the natural intelligence of a person.
Sharon Allen
 I think that our educational system needs a major restructuring to help develop essential life skills for a more fulfilled personal and social life. For those whose life habits and mode of thinking have led to continual frustration, conflict, missed opportunities, or major loss, a renewed interest in the skills that practical philosophy offers may be the most assured way to improving their life. Kevin’s content is among the best that I have experienced in its clarity and systematic approach to help develop these essential life skills.
Herbert Molano
Kevin's work has exposed me to the concepts of cognition, metacognition and cognitive biases, which are hugely important in the field of geoscience.  Subjective uncertainties and biases plague the interpretations and decision-making of professional geoscientists.  Kevin's work has helped me to better understand these issues and explore methods of mitigating against these limitations in my industry.  I am now teaching courses to geoscientists on this very subject.
Greg Samways

The Argument Ninja Dojo

Join the Argument Ninja Dojo and gain access to a library of video and text resources, as well as a community that will help you become a more informed and independent critical thinker and persuasive communicator.

Below are some sample videos from our video courses.

The Dangers of Tribalism

Spoiler: The problem isn't tribalism — it's social polarization. 

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Our Pattern-Seeking Brain

Stairway to Heaven, Britney Spears, and backmasking! Audio pareidolia is an example of "pattern seeking" that is fundamental to human perception.

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Belief, Identity and Resistance

Why some of our beliefs resist change more than others. 

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Small Sample Fallacy

We seek out causal explanations of events or patterns that may have no causal explanation. Here are some examples. 

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Why Good Writers Rule the World

Deep reading, deep writing and deep thinking. How reading and writing skills are essential tools for critical thinking.

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A Structured Approach to Essay Writing

In my courses on essay writing I emphasize the importance of getting the argumentative structure right. No amount of beautiful prose will make up for bad structure.

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Kevin deLaplante, Ph.D.

I create learning resources for the Argument Ninja community.  In my coaching and consulting work, I empower individuals and businesses by helping them develop their skills in Reasoning and Decision-Making, Knowledge Management, Communication and Persuasion.